I was touched deeply

I was touched by the family affection ,friendship and self-development of Dory.

 Once I asked my mother: “What’s of vital importance to a woman?” As a Chinese traditional woman, she said: “A happy family and healthy children and disposable income.” I believe such situation dialogue not only happened in my family, but also in hundreds of thousands of families. It’s not difficult to see, as women, that families play an irreplaceable role in their leaves. In another words, women should be companied with their families and children. However, several days before some ideas have changed in my mind since learnt the text Nettles. And I would like to make friend with nobody but the narrator.

Although Dory suffers from short term memory loss,her parents love her very much.They are always pretty patient and teach Dory how she can help herself.And Dory follows the shells all the time back home when she was a little girl and she finally found her parents through thick and thin.Those reminds me of the parents of autistic children in the winter camp.Those parents love and care for their children all the time even if they have great defect.

    The narrator is very special in their time because of feminist identity. She had strong independent spirit of personality, thus divorce became the helpless but only choice to her because trivial marriage made her just want to get rid of it. From this point I show my respect to her for her bravo choice of pursuing deep down inside. However as a feminist in their time what she paid is incomprehension by children, unfulfifillable true love, and dwindling friendship. What happened to her are the worst things I can imagine in life, and I don’t think I have enough courage to face the same things happened to me. I would like to make friend with the narrator not only for her personality, but also for the reason that I want to company with her and become the one who she could utter to and get worm from. Deep down, I feel distressed about the narrator more than my respect. I don’t get it clear why she just wanted to be herself but had to suffer a lot. And I would like to be the spiritual pillar when she needed.

Dory can't go home without the help of her friends,Nemo ,Marlin,the white whale-Destiny,the octopus and so on.Why did the creatures choose to help her and what makes a great friendship?First,you have something to touch them.I think it's the firm goal and the determination to go home that reached for their heart.Second,they feel good to get on with Dory.Last but not the least,they are kind people and willing to help others.And they do the right thing because Dory choose to go back to help her friends without any hesitation when they are in danger.

    When she felt upset and depressed and lonely because of divorce, I would tell to her: “Don’t be worry about the days coming. Absolutely, your future is full of possibility as long as you are sturdy enough. So just go ahead, every day in the future you would achieve the ideal that be yourself.”

Dory is very cute and had nice voice when she was a little girl.She is always optimistic and calm when faced with dilemmas.She aways looks around to think solutions.Becides,She is very happy in daily life like she told the octopus that the best things always happened by chance.

When the accusation blew up in her girls: “Why can’t you just live at home?” “Because she hates Dad.” I would whisper to her: “Please never feel heartbroken and guilty to your girls. When they grew up, they could admitted you were a such great mother to set them a good role model and give them lots of courage to face life bravely. So please be proud of yourself for you did what ordinary people dare not to.”

That's all I get from Finding Dory.

When the true love Mike came in her life, unfortunately, this kind of love just have its place but is not usable, I would utter to her: “It doesn’t matter whether you two could be together or not, at least, you are so lucky for meeting your true love already. You know not everyone has such luck like you, even there are someone who in the marriage but don’t touch the true love for just one day. And I do believe many people admire you for your lucky.”

When the friendship between Sunny and the narrator became dwindling, I would like to share my utterance with her: “High quality friendship is not based on the frequent connection, and a real friend is not depended on touching distance. In my opinion and standard, the real friend is the ones who you remind of you feel warm and comfortable and couldn’t help smiling, the ones who leave unforgettable memories in your life and you just would like collect and cherish. So be happy you had such friend like Sunny. And at the same time, forgive the reality that the gap came up between you two. After all, everyone has their own view. At least she companied with you when you needed just like the real sunshine to bright and warm you.”

There is another reason for me to make friend with the narrator for sometimes the narrator is like us. Our leaves are full of up and down, and we always need the one who we could utter to and get worm from, so be nice to others and be nice to ourselves. We should learn to make friends with others, and make friend with ego as well. May there is always an angel in the frustrated life, if not, may the angel is you.

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